Vodacom present Soul Classics starring The Black Ties and Friends

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Vodacom presents “Soul Classics” starring The Black Ties & Friends

Thrilling fans with the music of legends like Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Lionel Richie, to name but a few, Chad Saaiman, Lloyd Jansen and Keeno Lee – collectively known as The Black Ties – have made a name for themselves as South Africa’s ultimate cover band. And now, in its biggest production yet, the band is offering music lovers in Cape Town the chance to experience true entertainment as they’ve seen it before. Catch the band live as Vodacom presents “Soul Classics”, headlined by The Black Ties and featuring some of their most talented friends in the music industry – Sasha-Lee, EBI and Lucy Tops. In association with Good Hope FM, JJ Sound & Staging and Stereotype Records, the six-day show takes place at the Baxter Theatre from 16-21 July.

In 2006, when three of South Africa’s premier entertainers came together to start something new, no one could have anticipated the magic that would happen along the way. Mischievous, charming and very talented, The Black Ties, formerly known as Soul, have harnessed their ability to add a “touch of wonderful” to even the most popular cover track. After the success of their debut single, Love Come Down, the boys have just released their very first original record, Jump, which was produced by the acclaimed, Mr. Mallum. Described as a modern Rock ’n Roll/Soul sing-along, the new single is set to win over a host of new fans.

As solo artists, each member of The Black Ties has a string of accolades to their name. It’s only natural therefore that together they form – well, simply put – a super group. With talent and allure in abundance, and live shows being their forte, “Soul Classics” is bound to be a treat for fans of great music.

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Vodacom presents Soul Classics

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