Have you met Mr. Blonde?

Artist manager.Music lover.Road manager.Events co-ordinator.Stage manager.Tour manager.Runner.Go-to-guy.These are only a few of the titles in the arsenal of Tony Blonde’s expertise.

Tony Blonde joined the STR team more than one year ago,and has become somewhat of a cult figure amongst the artists and members of the music industry in Cape Town.

Being a family friend of the Saaiman family for 17 years,there was no doubt in the decision made to get Tony on board,and even less doubt when it came to his ability,character and work ethic.

Known for his silver-blonde hair,fast walk,fast speech and great jazz dance moves,the one thing that makes Tony Blonde special is his ability to always focus on the solution.“No” is not in his vocabulary.This is the kind of attitude that is required of an artist manager in the cut-throat music business.

He has managed stages at venues like the CTICC,and has run events at prestigious venues such as African Pride’s 15 on Orange Hotel with just as much enthusiasm and vigour as he has at venues like Barmooda and Chilli Bar.

“There’s actually no one else I want with me at a gig.Tony understands my every need and knows exactly how to get the best out of me at a performance.Even if it means leaving me alone,” said Chad Saaiman.

Tony Blonde is loved amongst most,especially by females in large groups (like in factories) and older women.We do not know why.Perhaps its simply because…Blondes have all the fun.

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7 Responses to "Have you met Mr. Blonde?"

  • JP 04:32 PM 23/1/2012

    Awesome review….much deserved good job keep setting the bar higher …..;-)

  • cherie peaches 04:47 PM 23/1/2012

    Tony blonde is a dynamic gentleman. He is person who fits in anywhere irrespective of race, creed or age. You go Tony, aim high and reach for the stars. However, I would like to know where that fast walk and speech stems from?

  • Grant Meyer 05:02 PM 23/1/2012

    Mr. Blonde is the type of guy you always want to have around. Fast, Effecient and Effective! Gotsa love him!

  • Milinda 05:04 PM 23/1/2012

    Hey I’ve seen Tony Blonde once before and he took me for a dance. He is such an amazing dancer and such a nice guy. If it possible can any one hook me up on a date with Mr Blonde

  • Karl Smith 05:29 PM 23/1/2012

    What a great testimony about Tony’s personal brand! He is indeed someone who will take your worries away in event management in a cost effective manner.

  • Melissa 05:59 PM 23/1/2012

    Wow! Those are a lot of titles! Truelly a motivation to all to do more with our lives!

  • Daniella 09:10 PM 28/1/2012

    I couldn’t of said that any better.. An amazing man indeed! He taught me a few handy tips about the industry, and today it is my major :)

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