Bette Davis Eyes by Lucy Tops

Lucy Tops - Bette Davis Eyes220

Lucy Tops talks about her recording experience with Mr. Mallum

I enjoyed the recording process, we recorded at an awesome studio and Ebrahim was easy to work with. I would definitely like to work on something original with Mr Mallum in the near future.

I love the original Bette Davis Eyes so that’s the first reason I chose this song. So many people know the track, but there is a younger generation that is not familiar with it and that’s why we went the commercial pop/dance route. I like that its a song about another girl and how from the singers point of view she is almost in awe about the way the other girl carries herself, she’s mysterious and alluring.

Bette Davis wasn’t the “prettiest” actor of her generation, but she was quietly confident, her acting style was honest, ahead of its time and she had a spark in her famous eyes.

The fact that the song is called Bette Davis alone, was enough reason for me :)

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