Diggy Bongz


One of Cape Town’s most recognizable voices, Diggy Bongz has been at the fore of the entertainment industry for the past decade. “A delicious mix of organic sounds and eclectic electronica – this sound is seriously fresh!” With his first studio release currently under construction, Diggy Bongz is setting dancefloors on fire with his infectious house grooves.

A radio DJ by profession, Diggy moved from Port Elizabeth to Cape town in 1997 and has been firmly embedded in the music scene ever since.

  • SAMA Nomination as a member of Dantai
  • Radio Personality – GoodHope FM
  • Radio Personality – Heart 104.9FM
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Celebrity DJ
  • First Studio release in production

Diggy’s first studio album is currently being produced by Lester Hein and Ebrahim Mallum. The album combines Diggy’s Jazz and Soul influences with his passion for pushing boundaries. The result is a complex, sophisticated sound tailored for the dance floor.

As an accomplished radio and live DJ, Diggy is no stranger to keeping a dance floor going to the early hours of the morning. To book Diggy for your next event, call 0828891292 or email bookings@stereotyperecords.co.za

diggy-bongz-one-sheet-thumbnailDownload Diggy’s One Sheet Bio

Jpeg Format – 500kb

PDF Format (HQ) – 3MB


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