Who is StereoType?


Who is StereoType Records?

Cape Town’s #1 Record & Management Co. Home of Chad Saaiman, Keeno Lee, Lloyd Jansen, Lucy Tops, Satisfaction, Diggy Bongz &The Black Ties.Using music as change

Cape Town, South Africa · http://www.stereotyperecords.co.za
StereoType Records is a young, vibrant Cape Town based record label passionate about bringing the city’s musical talent to the ears and eyes of the rest of the nation and the world. With a fresh outlook on the music business and an intimate connection to the city’s urban roots, StereoType Records is perfectly poised to become the next major force in South African Music.

The team at StereoType Records has combined passion and creativity with talent, experience and determination to build a unique musical business. We are a record label that aims to provide talented artists with a launch pad to start their careers in earnest and also to scout and find new artists with the potential to carve out their niche in South Africa’s music industry.

StereoType Records is Chad SaaimanLee Saaiman and Lester Hein.

Our Mission

At StereoType Records, our mission is simple – create amazing music and find the best way to get our music to music lovers. We believe that the music business has become more business than music, and it’s time that we as the creators take a stand against the suits and ties that have come between we the people and the music we love. It is from this belief in fairness, creativity and the rewarding of hard work and passion that StereoType Records was born and will continue to grow.

At StereoType Records our staff, our artists and in almost every case, our fans, are committed to delivering beautiful, meaningful and fresh music. Music that evokes, inspires and involves our listeners. Music is a two way street of creating and listening and we believe that neither path should be neglected.

Our Values

Above all, StereoType Records is about creativity. This underlying principle shines through in everything we do and are; from the type of music we make and listen to, to the people we choose to work with and the business decisions we make. We try at all times to surround ourselves with people who are influencers in their own right, so that we may learn from them and be able to create music that both entertains and elicits thought. Music with movement and meaning intertwined at the very root of the beats and rhymes.

Our music is an opportunity for us to broaden minds and narrow divides. And our music is your music. By choosing to be a StereoType, you are showcasing your own creativity by listening to music that sets you apart by artists who stand out.

The Founders

Like many of the best things in life, StereoType Records happened unexpectedly and almost instantly. Four talented, driven musical souls collided and out of this energy, StereoType Records emerged.

The reason StereoType Records works so well is simple – each member of our team is a leader in his field and is driven by passion that sometimes borders on obsession. We have an appreciation for our cultural and musical heritage and the artists who made music what is today, as well as an eye for the future with a willingness to embrace tomorrow today.

The secret to any great recipe is the quality of the ingredients, and StereoType Records is cooking with nothing but the best.

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6 Responses to "Who is StereoType?"

  • Jaz 11:48 AM 07/1/2009

    Fantastic guys! This is awesome, and needless to say very inspiring. Big ups to ya’ll for taking the road less travelled, and I’m sure the best is yet to come!

    Bless up!

    Roeshdien aka JAZ

  • Lester 08:54 AM 15/1/2009

    Thanks for the show of faith and he support Jaz, it really means lot to us to have people behind us who love what we do as much as we do.

    BTW, have you checked out our page on Facebook yet? You can find it on http://www.stereo-type.co.za

  • Mnater 12:39 PM 10/2/2009

    I love it when more ppl are sharin their diverse ideas through music. I just started a record label in kzn. I’d appreciate it dearly if yo team could communicate with me. Cos i wanna learn more bout the music industry

  • Gaynor 12:58 PM 22/12/2009

    music is what i live,breath; even sleep!I think all of you guys have made a major impression in South Africa,celebrating our differences & also stressing the fact that music is a big influence in a lot of our lives.It makes us come alive expressing good times & even the hard times.Keep on inspiring,u may not know it but everyday u lift the moods of thousands of capetonians, before they enter the stresses of work, lol..keep on doing what you guys do best; do it with a smile:-)

  • Ethan Stander 12:02 PM 28/12/2010

    Yeah,keep up the good work.

  • sebusang 09:18 AM 25/6/2012

    awesome guys bt i do have a question, where or to whom do i send in a demo?

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